Welcome to the Stories section of my Medieval Sims blog.  Below you will find links to each chapter of my current sims story.  Click on a link to pick up where you left off, if you’ve been following along.  At the bottom of each chapter, there will be a “(continue reading…)” link that will take you to the next chapter in the story. (Updated September 9, 2011)

The Legend of New Nineveh (prologue)
Chapter One: The Might of Moira
Chapter Two: Family Values
Chapter Three: The Other Queen
Chapter Four: A Really Heroic Hero
Chapter Five: A Matter of Honor
Chapter Six: Celebrations
Chapter Seven: Of Poets and Protests (Part One)
Chapter Eight: Of Poets and Protests (Part Two)
Chapter Nine: Of Poets and Protests (Part Three)
Chapter Ten: Of Poets and Protests (Final)
Chapter Eleven: Moira’s Mortification
Chapter Twelve: Doctor Doom
Chapter Thirteen: Of Life and Limb


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