Quest Walkthrough: Inquisition (Purge)

Quest Name: Inquisition (low culture aspect)
Approach: Purge
Primary Hero: Jacoban Priest
Secondary Hero: Spy (or Knight)

Quest Objectives


  • petition the monarch for support
  • give a sermon
  • “get to know” all 4 followers to seek the heretics
  • ask the spy for assistance


  • choice: pickpocket or eavesdrop on follower #1
  • choice: pickpocket or eavesdrop on follower #2
  • reveal heretic to the priest


  • give a sermon
  • reveal the heretic to the spy


  • choice: kill or exile follower #3
  • choice: kill or exile follower #4
  • report to the priest


  • give a sermon

    The pirate woman got loved, mugged and left--all in one afternoon!


I used a level 4 Jacoban priestess and a spy that was at Bonus Level 1.  I decided before playing the quest that I would also focus on a couple of Watcher Achievements as I played, namely “Love by Proxy” (maximize loyalty in Yacothia), “Robbin’ the Robbers” (pickpocket 50 pirates), “Open Sea Burial” (kill 50 pirates) and “Union Buster” (kill 50 guildsmen). 

The quest began shortly after 8 pm.  The Jacoban priestess was sleeping and the spy was at the docks. The Jacoban priestess had her first quest objective, to petition the queen for support.  The spy didn’t have a quest objective or any job duties to perform, so he slept at the village inn for a couple of hours.  When he came back from the village, he stopped at the tavern to cook a late meal for himself.  Around the same time, the priestess woke up and cooked some soup.  The spy headed to the forest to patrol the road to Yacothia and the Jacoban priestess headed to the throne room to petition the queen even though it was 3 am.

The priestess received her next quest objective, to give a sermon.  The sermon time was already set for 8 am so she had some spare time.  She converted four people who were in the throne room.  The spy got soaked and nauseous after drinking from an effervescent spring in the forest, but he got some extra bloodmoss at least.  After his patrol, he headed back to the spy quarters to make some Reaper’s Scythe poisons.  Meanwhile the priestess returned to the Jacoban cathedral and prepared for her morning sermon.  She reflected on the Watcher for an hour and then absolved sims for two hours, gaining quite a bit of experience.  At 8 am, she began her sermon and the spy got some more sleep in his own bed.

After the sermon, the priestess had a new quest objective to get to know all four of the followers hanging out in the cathedral.  She also had daily job duties to complete.  The spy still had no quest objective but had his job duties, so he headed to Town Square to eavesdrop on a pirate.  The pirate was a pretty female so he decided to flirt with her some also.  He took a short break to pop over to the tavern and serve the Reaper’s Scythe poison to a guildswoman who showed up, then he dashed back to continue flirting up the pirate woman.

After speaking to all 4 followers and using the friendly—get to know interaction, the priestess’ next quest objective was to request assistance from the spy.  First she got some sleep.  Meanwhile the spy continued getting friendly with the pirate woman at Town Square.

The Jacoban asked the spy for help just after the spy got his first kiss from the pirate woman.  Her next quest objective was to perform another sermon, and she still needed to reflect on the Watcher for a couple of hours. The sermon was scheduled for 11 pm, the Jacoban converted the pirate woman and then began reflecting.

The spy had two choices to make: how to extract information from the first two followers. He chose to pickpocket the woman and eavesdrop on the man.  But first, he invited the pirate woman to the tavern for some afternoon woohoo, then he picked her pocket and left to finish up his daily job duties.

The Jacoban priest got home and absolved sims for a while, then gave her sermon.  After the sermon she got the quest objective to reveal the heretic to the spy.  The spy dealt with the two followers and then got the quest objective to reveal the heretic to the Jacoban.

The Jacoban was hungry so she cooked some food while the spy made a quick patrol of the road to Yacothia.  The priest reflected on the Watcher as she waited for the spy to return.  Then they conferred about the heretic and the spy was faced with two more choices: how to deal with the two heretic followers (kill or exile).  He chose to kill both of them and quickly executed them by sword.

The next quest objective was for the spy to give a report to the Jacoban priest, but both of them needed some sleep first, so the spy returned to his quarters and the priest went to bed.  In the morning, the priest woke just before 7 am and absolved sims for one hour before giving her morning sermon.  Next she needed to post a proclamation and then she had the rest of the day off from work to do as she pleased.

The spy gave her his report when he woke up.  The next objective was for the Jacoban to give another sermon.  The priestess consecrated the well water, drew a few buckets of water, and then had an afternoon nap.  The sermon was set for 11 pm to give the spy some extra time to complete his job duties and patrol the road.

The spy went to the Judgement Zone to release someone from the stocks, then he collected some herbs from around the training yard before drinking the Ethereal Elixir and pickpocketing the pirate at Town Square.  The pirate woman was someone he didn’t know and he was too tired to romance her at the time, so he decided to duel her to the death after stealing her money and battle plans. Then he collected some more herbs from behind the tavern, marketplace, and blacksmith, drew some well water, and headed up to the castle to hand over the stolen battle plans to the royal advisor.

The priest woke up from her nap, cooked and ate some dinner, then converted and absolved sims for a while.  The spy headed out for a quick patrol to Yacothia, maximizing loyalty with the territory, before the priest gave her final sermon and put the issue of the Inquisition to rest.

The quest was completed with a platinum medal, earning 2 Security and 2 Culture aspect points.  The Jacoban priestess reached level 7 by the completion of the quest, and the spy reached Bonus Level 4.

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Tribute to a Sim ~ video

I made a little slideshow about the life of my sim.  Click the thumbnail below to view the video.


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Chapter Thirteen: Of Life and Limb

Lady Moira’s pregnancy progressed smoothly, thanks to a steady supply of strong curative tonics.  Everyone was surprised by the durability of Moira’s dress, but many villagers felt it was inappropriate.  The plague did nothing to help the queen’s approval rating either.  To make matters worse, treating the plague was extremely frustrating because most people were terrified of “Bloody” Cherise.

“By the Watcher, they’re dropping like flies!” Cherise gasped when the path to the village became littered with the rotting corpses of plague victims.  Something had to be done immediately, so Cherise decided to get Merchant Skyla to bribe villagers into visiting the clinic.

The first brave soul wasn’t infected with the plague at all.

“This is the worst case of Writer’s Block I’ve ever seen!” Cherise snickered as she examined Jordy’s arm.

“Stop laughing at me, this is really serious!” Jordy whined.

The doctor scratched her head and tugged hard on the parchment stuck to Jordy’s wrist. “I’m sorry, I can’t remove it. Shall we try surgery?”

“No way! I heard how you like performing surgery without using any medicinal herbs.”

Cherise shook her head in frustration. “Fine. Good luck playing the lute like that!”

At last, the doctor was able to test her experimental formula on a filthy peasant woman.  The cure worked instantly, but even bribery couldn’t convince many patients to take the medicine.  The main water supply was the only way to treat the people of New Nineveh, so Cherise went to the town square early in the morning to medicate the well.

Moira gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who was named Ophelia, and Troubadour Jordy rose above public ridicule to continue his nightly performances at the tavern.

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Chapter Twelve: Doctor Doom

“What’s that?” Norman mumbled in his sleep before waking up to the sound of his wife being sick.  “Oh no, it’s the plague!”

Moira shook her head and tried to reassure her husband, who was never known to panic. “It’s not the plague, I’m just pregnant.”

Norman believed her lie because he wanted it to be true.  The queen didn’t want him to worry, but she felt the shadow of death lingering over her and she was frightened.

“Fly as fast as you can, Donner!” Moira said to her best carrier pigeon when she sent out an urgent letter of hire.

The physician Norman recommended was known as “Bloody” Cherise, and she had a reputation for being cruel.  She was also the reigning female kingball champion and the finest fiddle player in the whole kingdom.

She rushed to her queen’s side as soon as she received the message from Moira.  “You must find a cure for this plague!” Moira insisted when the doctor arrived.

“I need to examine some of the patients and find some willing test subjects,” Cherise told her.

Moira thought for a moment. “I don’t know, perhaps Merchant Skyla can help you find some villagers to experiment on.  There are three very important patients I need you to check on though.  Songstress Hannah, Sister Josephine, and… me.  I am with child, so I can’t risk giving you a blood sample.”

“Understood.  I’ll check on the other women right away.”

Hannah was spotted in the courtyard of the Peteran church with her daughter, Rosie.  Cherise called to her, “Hannah, come here! I need to examine you.”

“No, I have to go to work.”  Songstress Hannah turned to her child and said, “You stay here all day, you hear me?  If I find out you’ve been sword fighting or playing with mirrors, you wont be allowed to come to church anymore.”

“I wont misbehave, Momma, I swear!”

Finally Cherise caught up with Hannah at the tavern and followed her upstairs.  “You can’t get away from me, I’m under orders from the queen to examine you.”

“I’m fine, I don’t have the plague.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”  Cherise checked her completely and couldn’t find any sign of illness.  “Hmm… I see… I trust you’ll come to the clinic to see me immediately if you have any symptoms.”

“Sister Josephine, there you are!  How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay, just a little drunk,” the Peteran priestess replied with a giddy laugh.

“Your tongue is slightly discoloured.  Have you been kissing anyone?”

“Uh-uh,” Josephine answered while the doctor continued to hold her tongue.

“You’ve definitely been exposed to the infection, so I need you to avoid physical contact and don’t put your hands in other peoples’ bowls, okay?”

“I would never do such a thing!  Where did you get that idea?  What are people saying about me that you would even suggest–”

“Just be careful.”

A willing test subject turned up in Cherise’s operating room the next day.  She took blood and tissue samples and dosed him up with her strongest curative tonics.

“Now I feel even worse,” the patient groaned.

“There’s one more thing I can try.”

The patient bolted out of the room when he saw the huge syringe the doctor picked up.  She chased after him and jabbed him from behind.  He was able to turn around and gasp before he fell dead at her feet.

The doctor looked over at the next patient in her waiting room, Sir Nathan, and asked, “Do you have the plague too?”

He stood up slowly and backed away from her, saying, “No, really, I just came to stock up on bandages… You know… I duel a lot… Bye!”

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Chapter Eleven: Moira’s Mortification

“There’s my best knight!” Moira greeted Nathan as he entered the castle.  “Congratulations on becoming a father.  How’s family life treating you?”

“Terrific,” he lied out of pride.  He didn’t want Moira to know about his marital troubles, or he would have to admit Moira was right when she tried to keep him from getting married.  He changed the subject.  “You should give it a try yourself.  Think about it—you and Norman.”

Moira did think about her friend’s advice all morning.  When Norman came to the throne room to see her, she grabbed him and kissed him passionately.

“I’m so glad you’re here!”

The queen finally proposed to Goatkeeper Norman, and he accepted without hesitation.  She embraced him and silently prayed for the Watcher’s blessing.

Moira didn’t have to wait long for guidance from the Watcher, and she soon found herself standing reluctantly at the edge of the pit.  She would face judgement at once and either prove herself worthy or die for all of her failures!

She took a leap of faith just as her confused fiance arrived on the scene.

Moira battled with the pit beast and was miraculously unharmed.  She was visibly shaken by her ordeal, and she cried out to the Watcher, “Please don’t make me do that ever again!”

When the queen calmed herself and headed back toward the castle, Norman caught up with her and questioned, “What was that all about, Moira?  Do you actually want to get married, or did you just try to kill yourself?”

“Come with me, Norman,” she responded.  Once they were inside, Moira pronounced her undying devotion to him and confessed, “I want to have a baby.  Everyone is having babies and I want us to be a family.”

“Well then, summon the preacher man!” Norman replied.

Moira and Norman got married on the spot, and they threw a huge party to celebrate with all their friends.

Moira didn’t notice that Nathan was feeling under the weather.  The knight captain had come to the castle to warn her about the infectious disease, and he arrived just in time to watch the wedding.  He decided to question some of the guards and guests at the castle before interrupting the queen’s joyous celebration.

One of the queen’s herbalists broke the news to her instead.  “My Lady, there’s a plague upon us.  I have tried everything to cure this disease and it’s hopeless.  We are all doomed to die a painful, disgusting death.”

Finally Moira broke down and sobbed, then threw her hands in the air and wailed, “The people will have me assassinated for sure now!”

As always, Norman embraced her and promised to make everything all right. “I know an incredible physician you could hire.  She isn’t very nice, but she’s the best and she can cure this thing—whatever it is.”

“You should’ve been a hero, you know that?” Moira said and kissed her beloved in thanks.

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Chapter Ten: Of Poets and Protests (Final)

Sir Nathan hurried home with his adoring new wife trailing behind him.  Nathan was always a man on a mission, but this time personal matters were his primary concern.

“Don’t be afraid of my chinchilla,” he told Hannah as they cuddled in his quarters at the barracks.

Hannah said nothing, as it wasn’t a time for chit-chat.

With his quickie marriage consummated, Nathan slipped out in the middle of the night to patrol the roads before dealing with the protesting villagers.  That’s when he ran into an angry mob attacking an unarmed elf.  He was shocked by the racial hatred and jumped in to defend the helpless victim.

Nathan was stabbed in the gut and kicked in the head for his efforts!  “It was worth it,” he told himself as he limped back to the castle. “I just married an elf and I wont tolerate anyone mistreating them like that!  My wife will be proud of me.”

Nathan was still thinking of his lovely bride when he approached the protesters’ leader in the town square and said, “Come on, hasn’t this gone on long enough?  Don’t you have a home to go to?”

“We’re not leaving unless you can defeat me at kingball!” the peasant replied.

“What is it with you people and kingball?” Nathan wondered out loud.  “You better count yourself lucky that I’m in such a fantastic mood today, or I wouldn’t waste my time…”

“I hate kingball!” Nathan groaned miserably when he lost the match.  He contemplated killing the peasant right there on the kingball court, but decided to unleash his rage on a whale instead.  At least, that’s what he hoped to do, but the whale got away and Nathan was attacked by pirates!

He eventually found his way to the tavern, where he grabbed a cup of ale and sighed, “What a day.  Thank the Watcher there’s always more drink!”

“Ahem,” Hannah cleared her throat impatiently, causing Nathan to turn around and finally notice her.

“Oh hi, Honey! You’ll never believe the day I had.”

“How about my day?” Hannah gestured toward her belly.

Nathan grinned and congratulated his wife for her pregnancy.  He rubbed her belly and listened to the baby.

“Oh, what’s that you say? Daddy can have an extra drink? Why thank you!”

Hannah was less than impressed with Nathan’s joking.  “Don’t you take anything serious?” she snapped.  “I hope marrying you wasn’t the worst mistake of my life!  We’re going to have a baby and all you care about is drinking and gallivanting around the kingdom—you haven’t even taken care of your job duties.”

“I completed all my duties and extra!” he defended himself.

“Yeah, extra!  But there’s still a gang of protesters in the square and you can’t even win a game of kingball.  How about you just don’t come home until the rioting is over?  I want our baby to grow up in a peaceful land.”

The young knight did as he was told and stayed away from his own home. He slept at the church and spent all his free time practising kingball.  Hannah was alone when she gave birth to their daughter, Rosie.  She dropped the baby off at the barracks and returned to work at the tavern.

That evening, Nathan finally defeated the peasant leader on the kingball court, thus bringing an end to the ridiculously prolonged protesting.

Nathan literally ran home to his family but found only baby Rosie waiting for him.  The poor infant had been neglected all day!  Nathan took his baby girl in his arms and promised, “I will always be here for you, Rosie.”

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Chapter Nine: Of Poets and Protests (Part Three)

“After everything I’ve done for you!” Nathan finally stopped yelling at his queen.

“Okay, I’ll tell you what,” Lady Moira said in a calm voice.  “If you can beat me at a game of military strategy, you can get married.”

Nathan didn’t bother to question what would happen if he lost.  He accepted Moira’s challenge and followed her to the Ready Chamber, where the monarch trained and conducted her most important work.

Moira opened with her knight.

“You’re too predictable,” Nathan grumbled as he placed his catapult.  “Is this really how you rule your kingdom, Moira?  A game of strategy to determine the outcome of peoples’ lives?”

Moira placed her catapult and replied, “This is only how I try to prevent my dear friends from ruining their own lives.”

Nathan quickly dispatched Moira’s toy troops.  “I don’t think you care about me at all,” he said.  “In fact, I don’t think you care about anyone but yourself.  Take a good look around at the kingdom!”

“You’re right,” the queen conceded, “this kingdom isn’t the best it could be. I do need your help and you mean more to me than you could ever know.  So go—marry that woman!  If that’s what it takes for you to believe I am your friend.”

Nathan rushed back to the tavern to see Hannah.

“The queen granted me permission to marry,” he whispered in her ear.  He got down on his knee, in the middle of the crowded tavern, and asked her to be his wife.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” Hannah cried out.  “I’ll definitely marry you!”

Hannah squealed and kissed him and suggested, “Let’s go right now!”

“Right now? Okay, now sounds good.”

Nathan had to hurry to keep up with his excited bride.  When he entered the church, he was surprised to see a large crowd had already gathered despite the late hour.

Nathan didn’t have time to wonder about the crowd, but he did take a moment to think when he stepped up to the altar.  He thought, “I hope I remember this in the morning.”

Nathan’s marriage to Songstress Hannah was official.

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