Kingdom Legacy Guidelines

The Kingdom Legacy Challenge is a game challenge for The Sims Medieval, inspired by the original Legacy Challenge for Sims 2 (later adapted for Sims 3).   The goal is for the player to create a generational legacy, founding future kingdoms with the offspring of the original monarch.  The challenge ends when the player has completed 10 Ambitions.  This challenge is not intended to be played with the “Eternal Kingdom” ambition, as the Kingdom Legacy Challenge is about building 10 kingdoms through a line of succession.

For the purpose of clarity, there is a distinction between an heir and a Kingdom Heir.  A Kingdom Heir must be genetically related to the monarch that founded the kingdom they were born in, and then must complete the “Brave New World” quest and found their own kingdom.

The first monarch must be a sim created with Create-A-Sim, so he or she begins as a level 1 monarch.  You may select any throne room you like and furnish it (or sell all non-essential items) however you see fit.


~ No cheats will be used
~ No reloading an earlier save to avoid a disappointing outcome (might be necessary if there is a bug/technical error)
~ Hero sims can marry any available NPC at any time they wish, but hero sims can only marry another hero through successful completion of the Marriage or Heir to the Throne quests.  A hero can produce an heir with another hero outside of marriage or special quests, of course.
~ Any hero can produce an heir to take their own place if they die during the current kingdom ambition, but only the monarch’s child is eligible to become the Kingdom Heir and founder of the next kingdom.  (If you want a wizard monarch, you’ll need your monarch to have a child with the wizard, then bring about the death of the wizard.  The child can replace the fallen wizard in the current kingdom ambition, gaining experience and abilities as a wizard before moving on to found a new kingdom when the ambition is finished.)
~ The Kingdom Heir must be born before the completion of the current kingdom ambition.  If you run out of quest points without producing an eligible Kingdom Heir, the challenge ends in failure. 
~ If the player does not complete the kingdom ambition (earning a bronze or better medal) before running out of quest points, the challenge ends in failure.
~ If the player completes their kingdom ambition early (before using all quest points) the player may choose to continue playing the kingdom until all QP are used, but no child born after the completion of the kingdom ambition will be an eligible Kingdom Heir.
~ When the kingdom ambition has been completed or ended early, the player must select their Kingdom Heir immediately and found a new kingdom.  If the Kingdom Heir is a baby or child at the time the ambition is completed, the player may play one Free Time or Free Time with Responsibilities quest in order to bring about the death of the parent and cause the Kingdom Heir to grow up.  Then the Kingdom Heir must complete the “Brave New World” quest and found the next kingdom.

1 Response to Kingdom Legacy Guidelines

  1. Finwitch says:

    I like this idea. However, why stay in ten generations just because that was the amount for sims2-Legacy? The Great Circle has 12 ambitions, so why not make it an even dozen, one gen for each ambition? Add one more for Peacemaker if you have Pirates&Nobles. Never mind the Eternal Kingdom, of course, as that one can not be completed.

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