Quest Tips

Most of the quests in The Sims Medieval are not difficult and can be completed with ease.  This page will only include tips for the more challenging quests that can be a bit tricky to complete.  This page will be updated over time, based on the most frequently asked questions and searches.  If you need additional help, please post your questions in the comments section below.

Edit: I’m working on detailed Quest Walk-throughs.  This project will take some time to complete and basic tips can still be found on this page, along with links to the walk-throughs I’ve posted.

(Updated November 22, 2011)

Quest Walk-throughs
Brave New World
Fur (Bloody Harvest)
Heir to the Throne
Inquisition (Approach: Purge)
O Fortuna
Ominous Tides
The Blacksmith’s Apprentice
The Incident

Fisherman’s Challenge — This quest is relatively easy to solve but you need to read all quest dialogue messages very carefully.  A lot of people have trouble with this quest when they skip through the messages and don’t follow instructions, but there is also a Legendary trait available for some characters in this quest if they have “Whale Ate My Parents” trait.  If your sim does not have the “Whale Ate My Parents” trait, then you’ll need to talk to Marlon and catch the giant lobster to complete the quest: you need to wait until your sim is tired and then fish at any fishing spot on the beach.  If your sim has the “Whale Ate My Parents” trait and you want to earn a Legendary trait, talk to Barney and hunt a whale to complete the quest.  Your sim needs to talk to Barney again after killing the whale, and “tell a whale story” to gain the Legendary trait.

Bric-a-Brac Day — This quest is a fun little scavenger hunt but it can be frustrating when you need to search certain locations.  The game doesn’t make it clear how to search the different locations, but you need to interact with objects in each environment in order to search them.  The final step in the quest is the hardest, but you can find the last item by sitting in the monarch’s throne.

Tournament of Honor — This quest will allow your monarch to annex the Advorton territory, gaining a bonus that will enable you to do more quests to fulfill your kingdom ambition.  (The cost of 3 and 4 QP quests are reduced by 1.)  To succeed on this quest, your sim will need to defeat Sir Geoffrey the Inebriated at two out of three competitions.  The first challenge is kingball: the main secret to winning is practicing kingball a few times (solo or with another sim) before using any enhancing spells or potions and challenging Geoffrey.  An expert or better quality paddle will help a lot too.  Go to the Kingball Court in the afternoon to challenge Sir Geoffrey.  The second challenge is a drinking competition, which can be won easily with a Drunk-Me-Not potion.  Have your sim purchase one (regardless of the quest approach you’ve chosen) and keep it in the inventory.  When the drinking starts, have your sim enjoy a drink or two, slam the potion, and continue drinking drinks from the cask until you win.  The final challenge is a duel with Sir Geoffrey, but the duel must take place at the Training Yard in order to complete the quest objective.  You can find Geoffrey at the Training Yard in the afternoon as well.

Goblins! — I have only done this quest once, with the Peteran priest.  It seems like it might be tricky for some people when the priest needs to follow the goblin footprints in the clearing by the forest.  You need to click on the ground and select the “follow footprints here” option; if the option isn’t there, keep clicking on different spots until you find a spot with the option.

War Games  — To get the Legendary Trait in this quest, your knight must be at level 5 or higher at the start of the quest and then make the correct choices throughout the quest.  You will need to pick up the gear from the village shoppe yourself, challenge the sneaky Tredonian to a duel instead of brawling with him, bestow a favor on the fair maiden, and then challenge the black knight to a duel and defeat him.  If you have the Guild Enemy fatal flaw introduced with the Pirates & Nobles adventure pack, you may experience technical difficulties when completing this quest correctly.  I experienced several instances of error code 12 and 13 when attempting this quest with a sim that had the Guild Enemy flaw.

30 Responses to Quest Tips

  1. edar says:

    hi..i’m d player too..i just wanna ask about goblin’s’s a little bit hard for me to complete this quest when i’ve to prepare delightful firework..i’ve tried to study that spell but it’s kinda weird because the element for sturdying this spell is similar with rainstorm’s i feel dizzy about studying this spell..i also have searched in some webs,but the information i need is not available.. finally, i wanna ask for d help..hope u can help me with this problem..thank you so much..

  2. Soulnova says:

    Hello, you answered one of my post at the EA forums. I wanted to thank you directly because it seems the rest of my posts got moderated. I don’t know why that’s happening. o_O

    anyway, THANK YOU! :3

    • enkelisim says:

      I’m happy to help and answer questions when I’m able to 🙂 Feel free to post questions here if you still need help–I will definitely try my best. The EA forums are having some difficulties right now with posts not showing up, so your posts may have been effected by that.

  3. affachan says:

    Hi there, I am currently also having a question problem.

    There is a quest where I have to serve ;’Potent Royale Crowne’ drink to my advicer and my servant (yes I try to kill them), after I brew it, these two people are just not on the list after I pressed ‘serve tempted drink’, but everyone else in the room are on the list.

    I wonder if you had done that quest before and knew what it was that I am missing.

    • affachan says:

      Sorry the quest was called ‘the great purge’

    • enkelisim says:

      I have played the Great Purge quest. Once you brew the Potent Royale Crowne in the cask, you just need to serve them a drink from the cask. It isn’t poisoned and doesn’t kill the sims who drink it. (I was worried when my king’s wife wandered in and helped herself to the drinks! lol) Serve a drink of the Potent Royale Crowne to the royal advisor and servant and the quest should move forward to the next step.

      • Lucas says:

        I tried to do that but dont move forward to the next step!!!
        what can i do ??????
        PS:i tried to restart the quest and it always dont move forward to the next step.

  4. Karen Brasel says:

    I have just recently started playing the game, have gotten through several quests, and have run into problems with the last 2 quests I’ve attempted. Both times the target sim I need to interact with, the Town Crier in one and the Medical Assistant in the other, are nowhere to be found! I’ve had no choice but to quit the quest because I could not progress any further and the hero was about to be put in the stocks. Has this problem come up before? Another glitcth?
    Thanks for any insight you can give me.

    • enkelisim says:

      What is the version number displayed in the bottom left corner of your game launcher? Do you have Pirates & Nobles installed or just the base game? What are the names of the quests you’ve had the problems in?

      Sometimes the medical assistant and town crier are not in town and will not have a sim marker showing where they are–but they’re in the village and are supposed to return the next day. If you have waited until morning and they don’t return, you could have a bug. I ran into a similar bug during the Nurse with a Curse quest, and I needed to quit the quest because a villager I needed to speak with no longer existed and was missing from my sim’s relationship panel even though they had been friends!

      My best strategy for dealing with unexpected glitches like this is to frequently save under a new name. I save the game between quests and then when I take a new quest, I save with a new filename. That way if my quest/kingdom get bugged up, I can return to the saved game I made before I took the last quest. It saves me a lot of frustration, but I do need to clean up unnecessary saved games when I know I wont need them anymore.

  5. Cecilie says:

    Hello there.
    I’ve got problems with my heroes getting married in order to complete the quest.

    I’m doing the ‘Heir to the throne’-quest, and was told to marry the ‘suiter’ but can’t get any further, because they cancel the marriage everytime… I am annoyed by that message because it seems to be like that no matter what I try to do. It alså kept cancelling the marriage in som other ‘marriage-quest’ and I don’t know what to do about it anymore…

    • enkelisim says:

      Getting your sims married indoors usually works best, but there are some locations outdoors where sims are able to be married. When your sims need to get married to continue their quest, you can have the couple go to another location for the wedding and it will still work. In the marriage quest, sims who elope are supposed to get married at a chosen location such as the forest or beach, but after your sim meets up with their partner at the chosen location, they can move to another location for the wedding ceremony itself. For instance, you can send your sim to the nearest messenger post to invite their betrothed to the reception hall or throne room and get married indoors.

      Additionally, you can keep trying when your sims have the “wedding cancelled” message. Have your sim move a few steps, then click on the betrothed again and select “Have Wedding Here” and keep on trying until it finally works–this strategy is annoying but it does eventually work if the sims have a high enough relationship.

  6. Peter F. says:

    Having a problem with some Left Over Sims. My Trubadore Sim did the Start a New Kingdom Quest, but he left his wife and child behind. I just assumed they would go with him. I created a new Trubadore, but she is now stuck living with the former Trubadores wife & child. I had my new Trubadore get married. Now she and her new husband are stuck living with these other Sims and it’s getting quite crowded in the little Trubadores room. Is there anyway to just Delete the Wife & Child?

    • enkelisim says:

      I don’t know of any way to delete the unwanted sims. You can change the privacy settings on the bedroom to allow only the family, but currently that excludes the spouse. I don’t think that would work well for you. Something that might work is getting a divorce–when your sims divorce and your sim has kids, you can choose who remains in the household. That might work for getting rid of the extra sims you don’t want in the tavern. Other than that, I’m not sure of a good way to resolve the problem you have. Generally when you do the Brave New World quest, it is to send a sim out to create their own kingdom. This allows you to start a new kingdom and use that sim as your monarch. In your case, that would mean the bard becomes the king of the new kingdom and would be able to play the lute and do bard things, but also be the king and do all the monarch things 🙂 Unfortunately, if you do the Brave New World quest with a sim that is married/has children, they will leave their spouse and children behind, and they cannot remarry in the new kingdom.

  7. Joan says:

    I’m working in the Ambition: Hard Workers. My quest is Contents: Genie. My wizard released the Genie, but I can’t find the Genie in my kingdom now. Can you help?

  8. AlexisKnight says:

    I am, well I was doing “The Great Purge Quest”. Even though my monarch already had the torture chair in the family inventory, and I placed it in the Throne Room it didn’t complete the Task “Buy and place Torture Chair in Throne Room” So I went looking to buy one in buy mode and the market as well as the viallage store but I coulnt find one. Any ideas?

    • enkelisim says:

      You can’t buy the interrogation chair at the market village shoppe at all (during the Incident quest, you must go to the village to pick up a chair that’s gifted to you, but that’s just at the village, not the shoppe). When your quest requires that you buy and place an interrogation chair, you have to buy and place one even if you already have one. You can add a second one, or delete the one you already had and buy a replacement. Best of luck!

  9. Linda says:

    Im playing sims medieval on my iphone and finished 13 quests and can’t find anymore and i have gotten all my levels up to eight and still no quests have appeared what do i do?

  10. Peter F. says:

    Where does one find an Evangelism Platform?

    • enkelisim says:

      There’s one outside the Peteran church, and on certain occasions there will be one set up in a public place such as town square or the forest clearing. You cannot buy it in the furnish mode though.

  11. bronwen says:

    iam playing the dangerours minds quest my spy need lice where do i get them

  12. RaeRae Robertson says:

    i’m having trouble with the goblins! quest i’m the sorceress and i can’t figure out how to cast the spell (the seeing one) on the pit, i’d really appreciate your help!

  13. aryan says:

    I had complete mah 29 wuest but i am unable to fing 30th quest can u help me plz ?

  14. Sapphire09 says:

    As for the Fisherman’s challenge, I don’t think you have to have the ‘Whale ate my parents’ trait to get the legendary trait. I had my sim did the quest, and she got chivalrous, good, and weak constitution trait, but she got the legendary trait just fine. You just have to talk to barney and have a harpoon ready in your inventory.

  15. Mellisa says:

    I was doing “The Great Purge Quest” but I can’t seem to serve them the drinks. Their name does not appear in my list

  16. Lavenkitty says:

    I know this is an old blog or so and etc., but I got a tiny question: Do we have to use the equipment we buy in the village for the War Games quest or not? I already have a DoomSword and Doomplate ( due to use of freeplay since I like to get my sims prepared for quests with better weapons and levels. Though I do that on any RPG game. ) on my knight so using the gear that were bought is rather… useless. xD
    That’s really all I have a question in, and I’m trying to get a legendary trait for this sim so I need to be careful. My gut tells me it doesn’t matter but my brain thinks it’ll be picky like all Sims games are about these things.
    I tried researching for this but alas no one has questioned it.

    • Lavenkitty says:

      Nevermind, it does not matter. I took a chance and it didn’t matter that I used my weapons over the ones I bought. lol

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