Game Tips

Here are some game tips to help you get the most out of your Sims Medieval experience.  This section will be frequently updated–and I’ll do my best to answer questions posted, as well as respond to search queries.  As this page grows, it will be broken down into sub-pages.  Tips for Pirates and Nobles adventure pack can be found here.  If you have questions or troubles with the game, please feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to get an answer to you in a timely manner.  Short Questions & Answers are found lower on this page.

(Updated October 4, 2011)

General Gameplay Tips

Fishing — some readers have asked where to go to catch a fish in Sims Medieval.  You can catch fish in the river or the sea, and different fish are available in different locations.  One of the best fishing spots is referred to as “the pond” in the game.  It’s near the town square, and several fish (plus leeches) can be found there.  To fish, watch the water for a moment until you see a little splash of a fish, then click on that spot and fish.  If your sim is in a good mood (focus meter in the green) you will usually catch a fish.  You can also fish at the beach–again, just look for the splashes of fish near the shore.  If you’re doing the Fisherman’s Challenge quest and need to catch the lobster, just wait until your sim is tired and has very low focus, then go to the beach and you’ll catch the lobster straight away.

Hunting — some readers have asked how to hunt and kill a great bear in Sims Medieval.  The monarch is the only sim who has the responsibility to hunt and kill a great bear, and to do so, you need to send your sim to the forest.  Click on the forest entrance and there will be an option to hunt the great bear.  Knights have hunting responsibilities as well, but their option on the forest entrance is simply labelled “Hunt.”  Other sims can kill a great bear from time to time when they enter the forest for hunting, patrolling, or even just a casual stroll–sometimes a random event “chance card” will come up, and your sim is confronted by a great bear.  Killing it will result in a lovely mounted bear head trophy you can hang on your sim’s wall.

Whaling — One of my favourite pastimes in The Sims Medieval is whale hunting!  I’m as obsessed as my sims are.  If you want to get in on the fun, you’ll need a sim who has the trait “Whale Ate My Parents” and then you’ll have to buy a whaling boat and at least one harpoon from the village shoppe.  When your sim has the boat and harpoon, he or she can go to hunt the whale anytime they want to by going to the docks.  Click on the ship and select the option “Whale Hunt.”  If your sim is suffering from whale rage, go whaling at your earliest opportunity.  If the whale gets away, the negative impact on focus is very short-lived and not as bothersome as the whale rage itself–and the buff for killing the whale will hold off whale rage for a while.  Be aware that harpoons are good for one use only, and the village shoppe only has one harpoon available per day.  If you’re into whaling, I recommend buying a harpoon every time you go to the store!  The un-used harpoons can be shared with whale raging friends or just saved for a later date, when the whales really need to suffer.  The Fisherman’s Challenge quest can lead to a Legendary Trait for a sim whose parents were eaten by a whale.

Patrolling — Keeping annexed territories loyal is as easy as sending regular patrols to that territory.  A monarch, knight or spy sim can patrol the roads and water ways.  Just click on the ship, the road to the village, or the entrance to the forest and select “Patrol the Road to…” (I forget the wording of the patrol option on the ship.  I think it’s “Patrol the Seas to…” but I’m not 100% certain at the moment.)  The next thing is your territory map will pop up and you can select the territory that you wish to patrol.  You must go to the forest entrance to patrol the road to Tredony, and the path to the village is how you can patrol the road to Crafthole.  Patrolling results in a slight increase to loyalty and is often easier than passing edicts to win loyalty in the territories.  I usually send one or two patrols every day when I play a sim who can do it–I do it for fun and the random events that can happen along the way, but it certainly keeps all the neighboring kingdoms pleased!  Please note that some sims have the option to “Patrol the Forest” and “Patrol the High Seas” but these are not the same, and do not result in loyalty changes (as far as I can see–please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Getting Married —  Sometimes getting a couple of sims married is a lot harder than expected.  First, the sims must be at least romantic interests with one another and have a high relationship score.  You will need to perform several romantic interactions until the other sim thinks your sim is being extremely irresistible.  Then you can propose marriage (if the sims aren’t already engaged) and get married.  If both sims are members of the same church, they can get married at their church.  If one of the sims doesn’t belong to that church and you try to get married at the church, you will receive a message that the wedding was called off and did you forget something like the rings.  This message tends to make players think they need to buy a wedding ring or something, but outside of the Marriage quest, there is no need to have rings (and they aren’t available at the store).  It’s just a message that means your sims aren’t able to get married–usually it’s because one of them doesn’t belong to that church, and then you can just have the sims marry at any other location you like.  Sometimes two heroes getting married is troublesome.  If the other sim is not in a good mood, you can get the wedding cancelled message.  Try to improve the other sim’s mood with some nice drinks from the cask, for example, maybe a little pre-marital woohoo… then try again, or have the other sim initiate the wedding interaction.  I found that the priests don’t like to be asked for a divorce and then expected to get married to the person they granted a divorce to… I guess they have some ethics, but as the Watcher, there are ways around such obstacles.  Just know that you don’t need to buy wedding rings unless you’re doing the Wedding quest, and then they will be in the village shoppe (sometimes you have to wait a day).
Update: The Pirates & Nobles adventure pack has fixed most issues that interfered with sim weddings.  Sims can now get married in the church or indoors at any location.  I have not been able to get my sims married outdoors yet, though I have only tried in a few locations.  If you are unable to have your sims get married outside, try again at an indoor location.

Difficult Spouses — Spouses in the Sims Medieval can be quite challenging and difficult at times!  Even if two heroes marry each other, you cannot control both spouses at the same time unless they are participating in a quest together.  Most of the time, the spouse of your active sim is not controllable.  Some spouses rarely come home, and during certain quests, the spouse will actively avoid locations where woohoo would be possible.  The best way to deal with the wandering spouses is to turn on their sim marker so you can see where they’re hiding.  (Open your sim’s relationship panel and find the spouse, then click on the spouse’s portrait and the option to turn on/off sim marker will pop up.)  With the sim marker on, you can right click on the marker to center the camera on the spouse, or you can left click on the marker and select social interactions.  You should make sure all homes in the kingdom are equipped with a double bed.  You will have to be clever and out-smart the wandering NPC spouses during some quests–but it’s meant to be a challenge.  There wouldn’t be a quest to produce an heir or get married if it was going to be simple.

Brewing — Your sims can brew various types of ale and wine by mixing the appropriate ingredients in any cask.  Once you have the necessary items for the recipe you want to brew, click on the cask and select “Brew,” then pick the recipe you want.  If you don’t know what ingredients are needed for a particular drink, send your sim to brew at the cask and hold your mouse over any of the listed drinks to see the recipe.  Feast Ale is required during some quests, and the recipe is honey, barley and wheat.  Once your sim has brewed the desired drink, click on the cask to serve a drink to another sim, serve a pitcher to share drinks with multiple sims, or pour and drink a single drink.  After brewing, other sims will help themselves to drinks until the cask is empty.  Spies sell unique potions that can be used to serve a tampered drink.  Your sim must have an appropriate poison/tonic/potion in their inventory, then you can click on a cask that has drinks and select the option to serve a tampered drink.  You then select the poison/tonic/potion you want to put in the drink, and finally the sim you want to serve it to (the other sim has to be at the location).  

Child Succession & Legacies — With the 1.3 game update, child succession has been added to the game and it is possible to play a Sims Medieval Legacy… with a bit of work.  If a hero sim dies, you can select one of their children to take their place.  The child grows into an adult sim.  You can bring about the death of all your heroes after they start a family, if you want to play a generational kingdom.  If you want to save your grown-up sims to your saved sim library, you’ll need to complete the “Brave New World” quest with your chosen sim, then start a new kingdom.  If you don’t want your aged up sim to be the new monarch, create a sim to be the monarch and add the type of building you want your aged up sim to live and work in.  Then go into Create-A-Sim and click on the “View Sims” button–you will find your aged up sim that you used in the “Brave New World” quest.
Update: The most recent version of the game 2.0.113 included some much needed patching for the Create A Sim mode.  Thankfully CAS is working quite well now, but sims can no longer be saved to the sim library using the “Brave New World” quest method described above.  Hopefully they’ll restore this or (better yet) add a new feature for saving sims to the library from within the game, so we can save the offspring of our sims for later use.

Questions & Answers

Where is a sim when you can’t turn on their sim marker?  The sim is either in another territory (such as Tredony), in the village, or otherwise out of town.  If it’s another hero, they might be using the ship to go whaling or off in the forest, patrolling the roads, etc.  For villagers, they will usually come back to the kingdom in the morning.  Sims that are visiting from another territory (such as pirates and guildsmen) will visit your kingdom more often if they have a lot of friends there–so make your heroes socialize with your favourite NPCs to keep them coming around.  Quest related NPCs (such as storyline characters in Pirates & Nobles) will not visit your kingdom unless you’re playing a quest that involves them.

19 Responses to Game Tips

  1. becca says:

    Why don’t I have that “patrol to..” option for my knight or monarch. I’ve completed all the annexing territory quests.

    • enkelisim says:

      Thanks for your question, becca. I take it that your monarch, knight and spy do not have any “patrol to…” options on the forest, path to the village or the boat? When you click on those locations, do you still have the other options you should have?

      This appears to be a technical issue, unfortunately. I haven’t encountered the problem myself, but I have read that some players have been able to fix it by simply quitting the game and then reloading it. If that does not correct your issue, you might want to try starting another kingdom with a different ambition, just so you can test if the monarch can patrol in that kingdom. That would at least help to narrow down the source of the problem for further troubleshooting.

      I haven’t started a Technical Issues page for this blog yet, so please feel free to post again with more details of your progress.

  2. becca says:

    Yeah. I’ve quit the game many times with no change. I also just started a new ambition with no change. I also realize I don’t have the amend edict option. I was able to use it once, but I never saw it again.

    • enkelisim says:

      Thanks for the extra details. There’s definitely a glitch of some sort effecting your game. Thankfully there will be a new game update released tomorrow that may correct this issue for you. *Let’s hope* The update is mostly gameplay improvements, but the patch notes indicate some stability improvements.

  3. Ron says:

    hey can you help me with save the boar quest? i just cant serve a drink to the hunter..

    • enkelisim says:

      When you’re at the hunters’ camp, click on the cask and brew drinks. After brewing, click on the cask again and select “serve drink,” then select the hunter from the list of sims at that location. Your sim will then pour the drink and bring it to the other sim. If the hunter is playing cards, you might end up having to try more than once–but you can interrupt the card game with some conversation and then have your sim serve the drink. I hope that helps 🙂

  4. cararocks says:

    my sim has agreed to go whale hunting to try to win the fishing competition, but doesn’t have the ‘whales ate my parents’ trait. I have both the harpoon and the whale boat, but I can’t go hunting. Is there anyway to succeed?

    • enkelisim says:

      I’m pretty sure you cannot hunt the whale unless you have the “Whale ate my parents” trait. I would suggest that you have your sim speak with Marlon and catch the giant lobster so you can still finish the quest. But one of these days, you should go for that Watcher achievement of having 10 sims with that trait in your kingdom–it was so much fun it was almost ridiculous 🙂

    • I have completed this quest twice, and neither time did I use a sim with the Whale Ate My Parents trait. If I remember correctly, you have to click on the ship at the docks -NOT your boat. Have you tried doing this?

  5. Delilla says:

    Hey I’m having a problem with the game. Every time i try to make a spy baracks, the game (and my computer) shut down because there’s some error. I look online and saw other people have this problem, but i could find no solution. Do you know anything?

  6. ash says:

    hello can you help me please. I killed my monarch and when i clicked on the house the monarchs children didn’t come up to take her place. How do i do it?

    • enkelisim says:

      When you kill your monarch, you’ll need to go to the Kingdom Mode and click on the castle. Then you can select to replace the dead monarch with the child, who will then grow up. When you kill other heroes to age up their kids, you will also need to go to Kingdom mode and click on the building the hero works in and replace them with the child.

  7. Felicia says:

    My sim had a baby and I was wondering how I can control the child? Do I have to do anything to make it grow from a baby to a toddler or child like in regular sims?

    • enkelisim says:

      You cannot control the children in The Sims Medieval. When they’re babies, the mother can feed the baby and any sim can cuddle it. The baby will grow up to child stage in about a day. Child sims can be sent on shopping trips to the village shoppe and you can change their appearance using a chest/dresser if you’ve updated your game. If your hero dies, you can select the child to replace them, and they will age up to adult and become a hero. If the parent sim stays alive, the child will never grow up.

  8. Lucy says:

    Is there any way to take family members (children/spouses) along with you on the Brave New World Quest? I want to make my Knight (who has a legendary trait), his wife (who also has a legendary trait) and their son (who somehow was born without a fatal flaw) to a new kingdom together.
    Is there any way I could do that?

    • enkelisim says:

      No, there isn’t. If you want to keep playing the family in the Free Play mode. Or kill off a parent to age up the child and do the quest with just the child, moving forward with the bloodline to a new generation 😉

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