Quest Walkthrough: Fur (Bloody Harvest)

Quest Name: Fur
Approach Name: Bloody Harvest
Primary Hero: Monarch, Knight or Spy

Quest Objectives

  • go to the forest
  • scout chinchillas at the forest
  • discuss chinchillas with elder hunter
  • go to the pit of judgement
  • discuss plan to kill the chinchillas with elder hunter
  • watch the fight in the pit of judgement
  • discuss training with the elder hunter
  • spar with elder hunter
  • get sent to the stocks
  • listen to elder hunter
  • choice: fight chinchillas on your own or listen to the elder hunter
  • jump in the pit of judgement
  • go to the forest
  • ask the elder hunter about armour
  • choice: skip the legend or listen to the legend
  • ask elder hunter for story
  • listen to elder hunter
  • equip legendary cloak
  • fur hunt in the forest

Oh yes, he DID just bitch slap the constable! *rofl*


The quest began after 5 am, and the spy’s first objective was to go to the forest.  He needed to scout for chinchillas but he wasn’t quite ready, so he went hunting instead.  He got mauled by a mother bear protecting her cub, so he had to go to the Village Shoppe to buy first aid supplies.  Then he needed to take care of his dailies and grab a bite to eat before he went to scout for dire chinchillas.  The next objective was to consult the elder hunter who was hanging around by the forest, but the spy needed to get some rest first.

The spy collected herbs and practised kingball for a while when he woke up.  He had breakfast at the tavern, then took care of his daily responsibilities before heading to the forest.  When he discussed the dire chinchillas with the elder hunter, he was instructed to meet the hunter at the pit of judgement.  He collected all the herbs from the forest clearing, then went to the judgement zone to meet the hunter.  He discussed the plan to kill the chinchillas, then watched as the elder hunter jumped into the pit and attacked the pit beast.

The elder hunter jumped in the pit the first time around 9 pm, and the spy watched him fight the pit beast repeatedly.  The elder hunter would drag himself out of the pit, then immediately jump in again!  Eventually the spy passed out from exhaustion and was able to go home some time around 3 am.  He slept and ate a meal, then returned to the judgement zone to watch the elder hunter fight the pit beast some more.  It seemed the quest could be bugged, but finally the elder hunter stopped his insane behaviour and the spy was able to discuss training with him.  (The previous times I played this quest were prior to the release of Pirates & Nobles, and this continuous jumping in the pit never happened those times.  It could’ve been a one-off thing, but if it happens to you, try getting your sim to leave the area and return after some time has passed.  Then send the sim to watch the fight in the pit again.)

After they discussed training, the spy’s next objective was to spar with the elder hunter, but he decided to pick a few pockets and take care of his dailies first.  He returned to the judgement zone in the late afternoon and sparred with the elder hunter.  It was a good match and the spy won, but he was arrested and put in the stocks for his trouble!  He was stuck for an hour, forced to listen to the crazy old man, then he needed to decide how to proceed.  He chose to continue listening to the old man, despite all the insanity.

The spy was in a foul mood from his time in the stocks, and he slapped the constable as soon as he was released.  He was supposed to jump into the pit, but he went for a walk to pick some herbs and then went home for the night.  In the morning, he mixed a few extra potions and hung out with the king for a while before receiving his daily responsibilities. After completing his work tasks and collecting potion ingredients around town, the spy finally went to the pit and faced the beast in combat.

The next quest objective was to go to the forest to meet the elder hunter, then ask him about armour.  The old man offered to tell the spy the origins of the armour first, so he decided to listen.  After asking for the story, the old man challenged him to a sparring match and proceeded to tell his tale while smacking the daylights out of the spy.  Finally he handed over the legendary cloak (a costume), and the spy needed to wear it before hunting the dire chinchillas in the forest.  It would’ve been nice to have extra time to kill that annoying elder hunter, but the spy had to complete his fur hunt in the forest.  The quest ended in platinum, earning 2 security and 2 culture aspect points, and the spy got to keep the cool costume to wear whenever he wishes.

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2 Responses to Quest Walkthrough: Fur (Bloody Harvest)

  1. Jack Sawyer says:

    Hi Enkeli, I laughed out loud at your use of “bitch slap”. That was hilarious.

    Another nice walkthrough.

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