Quest Walkthrough: Heir to the Throne

Quest Name: Heir to the Throne
Approach Name: Pumping out the Princes
Primary Hero: Monarch (unmarried)

Quest Objectives

  • write a declaration of intent
  • mail out declaration of intent
  • bathe in a tub
  • choose 3 potential suitors
  • write a journal entry
  • choice: a strong, aggressive mate or a friendly, funny mate
  • ask for a joke from each suitor
  • give an embrace of friendship to each suitor
  • write a journal entry
  • choice: keep it business or have a deeper relationship
  • write a love letter
  • deliver the love letter to chosen suitor
  • choice: strength or empathy for the child
  • argue with someone, then apologize
  • choice: search the cave or the village for second virtue
  • search the village for a virtue
  • choice: search the mind or the soul for the third virtue
  • ask 3 people for faith
  • write a journal entry
  • give suitor a goodbye kiss
  • procure fertility wine (with boat)
  • perform wild fertility ritual in the forest
  • marry suitor
  • choice: pick the gender or be happy with either
  • plan mating strategy
  • woohoo
  • have a baby
  • spend time with the newborn
  • write a journal entry
    Ahhh… romance!


This quest is only available for an unmarried monarch, and the monarch will get married and produce an heir during this quest.  This quest is optional.  If you’re playing the Kingdom Legacy challenge, this quest is a good way for your monarch to marry another hero in the kingdom (enabling you to produce an heir who can later become a dual-class monarch).

The quest began at midnight, so the king went to sleep before taking care of his first quest objective.  When he woke up in the morning, he needed to write a declaration of intent at the scribe table, then mail it at the messenger post.  The declaration would inform every citizen in the kingdom that he was seeking a suitor to produce an heir to the throne.

His next quest objective was to bathe in a tub, but he didn’t own one yet so he had to furnish his bathroom first.  After a relaxing soak in the tub, the king’s next quest objective was to choose 3 potential suitors, and he got his job duties for the day.  He hunted a great bear in the forest, then went to the docks and asked a pretty guard to be a potential suitor. Next he went to the tavern to have a meal and ask the bard to be a potential suitor.  Finally he went to the reception hall and asked the harlequin to be a potential suitor.

The next quest objective was the king needed to write a journal entry.  He went home and read the war crimes docket, signed the arrest warrant, and wrote his journal entry at the scribe table.  He needed to choose what qualities he wanted in a mate: aggressive or funny. The king was a jokester, so he picked funny without hesitation.  After sending the guildsman to the stocks, he needed to ask each woman for a joke.  The harlequin’s joke was pretty good, but the guard wasn’t very funny.  The bard was flirty, and the king’s next objective was to give a “royal embrace of friendship” to each suitor.  The bard suggested they try something more romantic after they hugged.  The guard also responded romantically when the king hugged her.

It was 9 pm then, and the harlequin had gone to the village.  The king went to the Judgement Zone and released the guildsman from the stocks, then fed him to the pit beast. He searched for treasure while he waited for the beast to eat the guildsman, then he filled in the hole he made and went to find the harlequin.  The harlequin wasn’t friendly at all when he hugged her.

The king needed to eat dinner and write another journal entry.  Next he had to choose: business or romance, and he definitely wanted a deep, loving relationship with the mother of his child.  His next quest objective was to write a love letter to his chosen one, but the king decided to sleep on it.  He wrote the love letter in the morning and took care of his work.  His next objective was to deliver the letter to his chosen one.  He met up with the bard on the beach after work and gave her the love letter.  The king had to choose what virtues he wanted for his child, and he chose empathy.

He had to argue with someone, then apologize.  He picked the ex-suitor guard, and he earned the virtue of compassion for his child.  Next he chose to search for the second virtue in the village, and he found the virtue of generosity.  He chose to search people’s souls for the third virtue, and had to ask three people for faith.  He found faith for his child, then the king needed to write another journal entry.  He headed home just before midnight and wrote the journal entry.

It was late, but the king rushed out to complete his next quest objective, to kiss his suitor goodbye.  He found her at Town Square and she promised to meet him in the forest for a special fertility ritual.  The king’s next objective was to take the boat and get fertility wine from a distant place.  He went straight to the docks and set sail at 3 am.  When he got back, he met with the bard in the forest and they performed the fertility ritual before dawn.

The king’s next quest objective was to marry his suitor, so he invited her back to the castle.  He ordered the servant to prepare a meal, and after eating, the bride went upstairs to sleep in the king’s bed.  It seemed like a great idea, so he went to sleep beside her.  After a few hours he woke her up, kissed her passionately, pronounced his undying devotion to her, and then married her in a private ceremony in his bedchamber.

Next he had to decide if gender mattered and he decided it did; he wanted a boy.  He needed to plan his mating strategy next, using the military strategy table.  Finally he felt ready to woohoo and conceive a child.  It took three tries, but his wife finally conceived just before 4 pm.  His only objective at that point was to wait for the baby to be born.

The king completed his job tasks, then slept a little more.  He woke up in the middle of the night and went hunting in the forest for fun.  He caught a few fowl, and received the book for crafting the legendary Doomsword after he ran into a strange bookseller in the woods. The king returned home to nap and socialize with his pregnant wife, then took care of another day of work.  Still waiting, he cooked some lunch and then held court to pass the rest of the time.

The baby was born around 4 pm: a boy, as planned.  The next quest objective was to spend time with the baby.  The king monopolized baby’s time and never let his wife hold the boy.  He didn’t want the infant to struggle with unwanted weight gain later in life, so he prevented the mother from breastfeeding the child.  It took extra effort, but the king watched over his newborn son until the baby grew up.

The king’s final quest objective was to write another journal entry, which was combined with the previous entries and bound in a nice book (added to the monarch’s inventory). The quest ended in platinum, earning 2 well being aspect points.

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