Quest Walkthrough: Ominous Tides

Quest Name: Ominous Tides (Pirates & Nobles war quest)
Approach Name: The Shipwrecked Sailor
Primary Hero: Monarch

Quest Objectives

  • investigate the wreckage at the beach
  • give royal advisor orders (revive the sailor or summon the scouts)
  • question the sailor
  • set sail to look for survivors
  • report findings to the sailor
  • tell royal advisor about the enemy ship
  • discuss the hostile ship with royal advisor at the tactical map
  • get a report from both scouts
  • make security arrangements with the lieutenant
    “It creeps me out when you stand there like that.”


This is the first Pirates & Nobles quest available in a new kingdom, and it introduces the war storyline.  This quest is completely optional unless you’re playing the Peacemaker ambition.

The quest began at 8 am, and the first quest objective was to investigate the wreckage at the beach.  The quest objectives would have to wait until the king took care of some personal and royal duties.  First he planned an outfit and remodelled the Throne Room with all the money he had.  Then he headed to the forest to hunt.  He accidentally killed a pixie when he tried to help her, but he managed to get some venison.  His daily job duties came up and the king needed to hunt a great bear, then pass an edict.

He took some time to introduce himself to a couple of guildsmen and dignitaries hanging out in the Throne Room.  Then he decided to dig for treasure near the messenger post in front of the castle, found nothing, and filled in the hole he dug.  It was after 4 pm by the time he headed to the beach to investigate the wreckage.  Several guards stood around the wreckage on the beach, and the royal advisor was standing near the passed out sailor.

The king’s next quest objective was to give the royal advisor her orders.  He told her to revive the sailor, and his next objective was to question the sailor.  He listened to the sailor’s tale of woe, then got the quest objective to set sail and look for survivors.  The king and his crew were attacked at sea, but didn’t find any sign of survivors.  When he returned, the king’s next objective was to report his findings to the shipwrecked sailor.  He decided to leave the sailor with hope that survivors could still be found.

The next quest objective was to tell the royal advisor about the mysterious ship.  The king was tired and hungry, so it was a perfectly good time to go home.  Once there, he gave the royal advisor a nice makeover, but then he forgot to tell her about the enemy ship.  Instead he cooked some venison soup and went to bed.  He woke up around 6 am and went downstairs to socialize with the royal advisor a little before telling her about the ship.

The next quest objective was to discuss the hostile ship at the military strategy table with the royal advisor.  She summoned the scouts after discussing the attack, and the king’s next objectives were to get a report from each of the scouts. Of course, he had to eat, run some errands, and take care of his daily responsibilities first.

He went to the Village Shoppe to buy the beginner’s treasure map (he already had a shovel) and some first aid supplies. Next, he fed a chunk of bear meat to the pit beast and went to the clearing by the forest. He read the treasure map and found the right spot to dig, then dug up the beginner’s treasure and filled in the hole. Finally he returned to the castle and held court until late in the afternoon. He read the war crimes docket and wrote an arrest warrant, then socialized with the dignitaries from Crafthole and Tredony. After 5 pm, he went to Town Square to send the accused guildsman to the stocks.

He saw a random pirate guy over by the well, so he challenged the pirate to a duel to the death. After killing the pirate, he released the guildsman from the stocks and went home for dinner. He asked both scouts for their reports and the next objective was to make security arrangements with the lieutenant. The quest ended in platinum after the king discussed security with the lieutenant, earning one security and one knowledge aspect points.

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2 Responses to Quest Walkthrough: Ominous Tides

  1. Jack Sawyer says:

    Cool! I have only played this one twice but you nailed it. Excellent writing enkeli.

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