Quest Walkthrough: O Fortuna

Quest Name: O Fortuna (low culture aspect)
Approach: Enter Fortune Festival
Any Hero: Bard

Quest Objectives

  • plan an outfit
  • travel to Fortune Festival (at Town Square)
  • ask someone about the Fortune Festival
  • learn about Fortune Festival
  • make a small wish
  • get a palm reading
  • practice playing cards
  • win twice at the game table
  • collect reward
  • celebrate with a drink from the cask
  • relax for two hours
  • take a nap in any bed
  • pick the sapphire or the ruby during the dream
  • learn the monarch’s wishes
  • ask the royal advisor about privileges
  • ask for a hug from the royal advisor
  • gussy up at the mirror
  • take a bath in the monarch’s tub
  • celebrate with a drink from the cask
  • ask advisor about other prizes
  • return to the Fortune Festival
  • hope for the best (serving time in the stocks)
  • thank royal advisor for rescue
  • follow royal advisor to the Throne Room
  • take the Mysterious Bag
  • read the strange book
  • beg the advisor for advice
  • challenge someone to a game of cards
  • lose a game of cards
  • relax

    Must find Watcher inspiration!


I selected my Bonus Level 1 bard for this quest because it was my last quest before completing my current ambition and I wanted to hear my favourite bard songs before starting a new kingdom.

The quest began just after 1 am and the bard’s first quest objective was to plan an outfit for himself.  For personal reasons, he needed some poison to serve to unlucky patrons at the tavern, so he caught up with the spy and purchased 10 Reaper’s Scythe poisons.  The two old friends chatted together for a little while before the bard returned to the tavern.  By 3 am he was on stage, performing his favourite song (Winsome Whale Harken to My Call) to a small crowd.  The only pirate around was the spouse of the physician, so the bard didn’t serve any tampered drinks.  Instead, he planned a new outfit that was suitably colourful and festive.

The next objective was to travel to the Fortune Festival at Town Square.  He got there at 4 am and needed to ask the Festival Master about the festival.  The next thing the bard had to do was learn about the Fortune Festival, so he asked the Festival Master about the Wishing Well, Table Games, and Fortune Telling (in that order).

The next quest objectives were to make a small wish, get a palm reading, and practice playing cards.  These objectives can be fulfilled in any order, so the bard began by practising cards.  He practised cards for about an hour, then went and made his wish at the well.  He earned the “Attractive” buff.  Next up, the palm reading.  He paid for the premium package and got the “Uplifted” buff.

The next objective was to win twice at the card table.  He selected the lovely fortune telling gypsy lady to play cards with.  After one loss, he won the next two rounds and the next step was to collect the reward from the Festival Master.  The bard decided there was no need to rush and he put off the quest objective for a while.

The bard gathered inspiration near the Watcher Pavilion because he was low on Watcher theme elements for his poems and plays.  He didn’t get any Watcher theme after an hour, but his daily job responsibilities came up at 9 am.  He needed to gather inspiration for another two hours and perform a poem.  He gathered inspiration inside the Jacoban cathedral and found several Watcher elements.

The bard returned to the tavern hungry and needing a drink.  He cooked a late lunch for himself, then enjoyed a drink from the cask before going on stage to perform a poem and play one song with his lute.  By 4 pm, the bard went to bed and slept for three hours.  When he woke up, he played the lute one more time before going to Town Square to finally collect his reward from the Festival Master.

The Festival Master was limping when he handed over the reward: a pegasus figurine. Soon the next quest objective came up for the bard to celebrate with a drink.  He took a moment to ask the Festival Master and the gypsy lady for inspiration to write a poem about the festival, then he brewed some sparkling wine in the cask near the gypsy’s tent. He had a drink and then got the quest objective to relax for two hours.

The bard returned to the tavern and wrote a poem about the festival, then he played a song and performed his new poem on stage.  The time was up and the bard needed to take a nap in any bed, so he went upstairs to his private room.  As he napped, he dreamed about finding a dragon’s treasure hoard and he climbed up to try to snatch the sapphire at the top, but he failed and his dream went dark.  The bard received an urgent summons from the queen and needed to speak with her about her wishes.  The queen was sleeping at the time, however, so the bard had a meal, played a song on stage, then asked each of his customers for inspiration.  Finally he wrote a Legendary Poem before going to the Throne Room.

The queen thanked him for his service and gave him a “Citizen of the Century” award.  He played a lute song and got the whole Throne Room dancing before completing his next quest objective, which was to ask the royal advisor about special privileges.  The royal advisor said he could use the monarch’s private bathroom and help himself to free drinks, and even offered to give the bard a hug.

The next quest objectives were to get the hug from the royal advisor, take a bath in the monarch’s bathtub, and gussy up at the mirror.  After an awkward moment with the royal advisor, the bard took a bath and gussied up at the mirror.  His next objective was to celebrate with a drink from the cask, but the bard decided to play his lute in the Throne Room again and socialize with the queen.

At 9 am, the bard got his daily job responsibilities and needed to collect inspiration from three people and finish writing a Legendary Play.  He was inspired by people in the Throne Room, then returned to the tavern to write his play.  After his work was done, the bard finished his day with a good meal and a drink from the cask.  The next quest objective was to ask the royal advisor if there were any other prizes, but the bard needed to sleep first. When he woke up around 5 pm, he saw a foreign pirate in the tavern and decided to serve him a tampered drink to kill him with the Reaper’s Scythe poison.

The bard played his most popular song after the Grim Reaper took away the dead pirate, then went to the castle to talk to the royal advisor.  His next quest objective was to return to the festival, but when he reached the Town Square (at 1 am), he found the entire festival was gone.  Then he got arrested and put in the stocks until nearly 5 am.

The bard was released from the stocks when the royal advisor found him.  He was supposed to thank the royal advisor for rescuing him, but first he went to the tavern to eat, drink and play the lute.  When he was in a better mood, he returned to the Judgement Zone to thank the royal advisor.  He was limping and the royal advisor offered to help him. The next quest objective was to follow the royal advisor back to the Throne Room.  As the bard walked toward the castle, Magma Fever set in.  The royal advisor offered him a mysterious bag and his next quest objective was to read the strange book in the bag.  He read “Magical Trinkets and Cursed Idols,” then limped home to write two poems for work and get some sleep.  His next quest objective was to ask for help from the royal advisor.

There was another random pirate guy in the tavern, so the bard served him some Reaper’s Scythe and cooked some dinner for himself.  Then he went to the castle to ask for advice from the royal advisor, who told him to get rid of the cursed figurine in a game of cards. The bard had to challenge someone to a game of cards and then lose.  He challenged a nearby guard and lost the game.  He passed on the cursed pegasus and the quest ended in platinum, providing 4 culture points.  The bard reached Bonus Level 3.

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  1. Jack Sawyer says:

    Outstanding Enkeli!

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