Quest Walkthrough: Brave New World

Quest Name: Brave New World
Approach: Forge a Kingdom
Any Hero: Monarch

Quest Objectives

  • recruit 4 crew members
  • recruit 4 builders
  • buy Castle-in-a-Box
  • find land for new kingdom (with the boat)
  • establish a new kingdom (with the boat)
The little prince becomes a man.


This quest is only available after you complete an ambition and go into Free Play Mode, and the sim you select for this quest will leave the current kingdom at the end of the quest, to be available as the monarch in the next kingdom you start.  Your sim will leave behind any family members they have, and if they’re married, your sim cannot get married in the new kingdom.  You can do this quest with any sim and they will take their equipped items and special skills with them to the new kingdom.  This is the only way to get a dual-class monarch, by picking a hero other than the monarch to complete this quest.  I’m playing a Kingdom Legacy, so I used my monarch that was born in the kingdom and recently grew up, following the death of his mother.

The quest began after 10 pm and the king was depressed over the death of his mother.  His quest objectives were to recruit 4 builders and 4 crew members for the new kingdom, and purchase a Castle-in-a-Box from the Village Shoppe.  He wanted to plan an outfit and take a nice bath first.  He cried a lot because he was mourning, and he was also sick with The Wasting.  He went to bed feeling dreadful and unfocused.

The king woke up around 6 am, sobbed, then walked to the village to sell off all the extra stuff he inherited from his mother.  Although he couldn’t take the money with him, he had over §50,000 when he left the shoppe!  He did buy the Castle-in-a-Box, and on the way back he lectured some people and got four curative tonics, along with some more money, renown and experience points.  He cried openly at the town gate, then went to the tavern to have a drink and try to cheer up.

The tavern was deserted, so the king was forced to eat and drink alone.  He cried yet again, but his mood was beginning to improve slightly.  He returned to the castle at 11 and met two pretty ladies in the Throne Room, recruiting one as a builder and one as a crew member.  He had to hold court and by 4 pm, he was in a great mood and universally adored in the kingdom.  He drank some more curative tonic and read the war crimes docket before signing the arrest warrant for the accused war criminal.  He sent the accused pirate to the stocks and threw eggs at her for a little while, then released her and sent her to the pit.  (Her death wouldn’t count toward Watcher achievements because this quest is done in Free Play Mode, but killing pirates is a hard habit to break.)

The king saw his father walking through Town Square so he rushed over and recruited him as a crew member, then mourned his mother some more and returned to the castle for a late dinner.  He went to sleep just before 11 pm.  In the morning, he went to the main gate and recruited two people as builders.  He recruited a crew member at the docks just before 9 am.  With one builder and one crew member left to recruit, it would have to wait until after his job duties were finished.

He took care of his work, then recruited two more ladies from the Throne Room.  His next quest objective was to find a new land for his kingdom.  The king was in a great mood when he set sail just after 5 pm.  He encountered a ghost ship in the fog at sea and boarded it, earning some nice loot in the process.  He returned home after an hour and had located a great land for the new kingdom.

The final quest objective was to establish the new kingdom, but the king wanted to spend one more night in his homeland first.  He went back to the castle to sleep and take a bath. He woke up around 10 pm with the “Dry Spell” buff, so he went to the tavern to party one last time with his friends and check out the ladies.  He got a little tipsy, but was unable to find any ladies—he had already recruited all the best looking girls from the kingdom and they were waiting for him on the boat.  The king went home around 3 am and seduced one of the female guards, had some late night woohoo with her, then took another bath and got ready for his last day of work.

He held court (giving away lots of the simoles he couldn’t take with him anyways), took an afternoon nap, ate a meal, then went to the docks to sic a falcon on the pirate emissary before leaving to establish the new kingdom.  The king set sail after 5 pm, and the boat returned shortly afterwards.  The quest ended in platinum, although there are no rewards for this quest.

The quest ended and I saved my game, then went to the Main Menu to create a new kingdom.  After naming it and selecting a Throne Room, the kingdom loaded and I clicked on the castle to select the monarch.  The sim I completed the Brave New World quest with was available to be the new monarch, and he kept his level, skills, and all the equipped items he had when he finished the quest.  All he needed was a quick makeover because the sim you carry over to be the monarch of the your new kingdom will be dressed in a default monarch outfit with a crown.

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